The Audio Adventures of Fembot Sally

Written by Sam Faulkner, Narrated by Alison Campbell

I, Fembot The Audio Book

Book One: I, Fembot

Stealing diamonds and seducing secret agents is all in a day's work for a robotic femme fatale...

Sally is a shop girl working behind the perfume counter at Burlington's, a top Knightsbridge department store. The shop is a front for a sinister international crime syndicate known only as the Organization. Sally is not a human being but an android replicant, designed to blend in with the ordinary workers at the store.

A diamond heist draws the attention of MI6 and, when secret agent Steve Blunt is dispatched to investigate, Fembot Sally must use all her robotic wiles to lure him into a deadly trap.


Fembot Sally And The Fortress Of

Book Two: Fembot Sally and the Fortress of Doom

Jack Morgan was doing just fine until Sally got on the plane. At least, that is what he thought.

Jack is an American archaeologist, trying to trace a priceless South American artefact which has recently been stolen from the
British Museum. Sally is a robotic secret agent, a Fembot newly assigned to MI6 and intent on preventing the relic from falling into the wrong hands.

A group of sinister neo-Nazis are already making their way on foot through the Amazon Jungle, with the artefact in their possession. Not far behind them are a cabal of Russian communists, who already have possession of a second relic. Legend has it that if these two artefacts are united with a third, more powerful object, the holder will be granted unimaginable power.

The Nazis have a head start, but the race to find the Lost Fortress of the Eebieki People has only just begun.


Book Three: Wenchworld

What are you supposed to do with a bunch of homicidal androids after the international crime syndicate that created them is brought down? They could easily be decommissioned, but why not sell them off to a Wild West theme park? They could be reprogrammed, so they wouldn’t kill anybody, and stage all kinds of mock gunfights to entertain the kids. What could possibly go wrong?

Fembot Sally is about to find out...


Bride Of The Vampire

Book Four: Bride Of The Vampire

There’s no such thing as vampires. This is the twentieth century. It’s bad enough being tied to a stake and accused of witchcraft. The last thing Fembot Sally needs is the undead trying to prey on her as well.

But dark rumours are circulating of an evil presence up at the castle. Bodies are being found drained of blood and the finger of suspicion has already fallen on the feudal lord, Count Vetrikinski.

Fembot Sally travels up to the castle to investigate, but will she be able to resist the strangely hypnotic man who lives there, a darkly handsome aristocrat who insists he really isn’t a vampire at all?