Welcome to My World

My official designation is Fembot 1969/Z49/2A73 – but you can call me Sally. I am a purpose built female android, designed for seduction, assassination and extortion.

I was created by a sinister international crime syndicate known only as the Organisation. They were trying to take over the world, but were eventually defeated by MI6 special agent Steve Blunt; with a little help from yours truly.

Nowadays I put my talents to better use, working for British Intelligence. It's not a bad life,  travelling the world, righting wrongs and trying not to shoot too many people. I still get to seduce the odd secret agent, though. For purely professional reasons, of course.

All About Sally

  • Design Specifications

    I am a second generation Organisation Fembot, serial code 1969/Z49/2A73 with a dynamic, reintegrated Lovelace Mark II core processor, two Optivalve photoelectric light processors and enhanced quadraphonic audio receptors. I have a reinforced titanium skeleton and a hybrid silicon plastic frame. I stand 5ft 11" tall in my regulation 4" heels and have a standard issue 38-26-38 figure. My default faceplate is rounded, with a petite nose and full lips, but other plates are available as and when required. My default hair colour is blonde and my eyeballs are a rather neat shade of brown.

  • Weaponry & Tactical Systems

    My chest cavity is fitted with twin action, heavy duty Bronheim submachine guns. A single cartridge fires twelve rounds a second for upwards of a minute and can be replaced via a convenient back panel. My eyeballs are fitted with night vision sensors and I have nasal receptors capable of detecting several billion separate odours. In stealth mode, with internal heating disabled, I am undetectable to most audio, visual and electronic sensors.
  • Fashion Tips

    The Mary Quant miniskirt is essential daywear for the Fembot about town. A minidress works well for more formal occasions but keep a leather catsuit in reserve for those tricky out of hours assignments. An Alice band is also useful for keeping your hair in check. For make up, I would recommend Max Factor or Revlon. And don't forget the false eyelashes for that all important ministerial seduction.

Latest Stories

The Last Of The Fembots

Rogue Fembots are running amok across the globe and Sally Shagwell has been tasked with tracking them down. But the other androids are more advanced than she is and every confrontation will be a fight to the death.

And in the end, there will be only one survivor.

Ah well. Who wants to live forever anyway?

Prisoner Sixty-Nine

'Who are you?'

'The new Number Three.'

'Who is Number One?'

'You are Prisoner Sixty-Nine.'

'I am not a Prisoner. I am an autonomous android! Hang on a minute...sixty-nine? Why sixty-nine?'

'That was the year you were manufactured. 1969.'

'Yes, but...sixty-nine. People are so going to get the wrong idea...'

Fembot Sally and the Reign of Terror

Isn’t it always the way? Your time machine crash lands in eighteenth century Europe and the one man who might be able to fix it – renowned watchmaker Gaston Lemaitre – is just about to have his head chopped off, courtesy of Madame La Guillotine.

Fembot Sally heads to Paris, where the Reign of Terror is in full swing. Will she be able to rescue Citizen Lemaitre or will she end up with her own head on the block?

Coming Soon

The Brazilian Job
Fembot Sally And The Invaders From Mars